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Online Edition: 280 films for 9 euros

Online Edition: 280 films for 9 euros

Within a few weeks we adapted this year’s program and developed our own streaming platform, the Vienna Shorts Festival Hub: From the 28th of May, around 280 films will be available in 50 film programs, both live and on demand. About three quarters of all works will be shown in Austria for the first time.

Access to the entire offer is available to all (short) film fans via an online festival pass, which will be available from the 20th of May for the price of a cinema ticket—at 9 euros. The entire program will also be published on this day and will definitely reflect the characteristics of a short film festival.

The films are grouped in curated programs of 60 to 100 minutes and arranged according to competition or theme. At the Festival Hub, all competition and late-night shows will be unlocked according to a classic timetable and can then be viewed on demand for another 48 hours; the thematic programs, on the other hand, will be available throughout.

For legal and fairness reasons, all films are geo-blocked and can therefore only be viewed by regular audiences in Austria. For the (international) industry and press—i.e. all those who also work professionally with the films—access to the films from outside Austria is made possible.