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Start for the Relaunch

Start for the Relaunch

The soft launch for the relaunch: The newly developed graphic concept by the design agency TEAM saw the light of day after months of preparatory work. At the beginning, the focus is on the online dissemination of the new logo, which already refers to the goal of precision and conciseness by means of distinctive aesthetics and clear sign language.

”In the focus of design are semiotic abbreviations and cinematic references”, TEAM duo Benjamin Hammerschick and Axel Just explain the new graphic concept, which includes a new logo signet, a new website and completely revised print materials and will combine the festival core colours red and black with a strong complementary colour for the background every year in future.

With its geometric formal language, the signet borrows from absolute film and narratively refers ”to the temporal restriction and associated intensity of the genre of short film”, according to Hammerschick/Just. Supplemented by a 30-step layout grid based on the maximum length of a short film (30 minutes), the logo also refers to the boundaries of canvas or screen and is just as variable in size and arrangement as various film formats, which can often change from one film to the next, especially in the case of short film screenings.

The website, in turn, implemented by the Viennese web development agency Urban Trout, will only fully grow in the coming weeks—not least with the details of the new festival edition. The start page, however, already gives a first impression and should make you curious about the next steps.