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Compliance rules for a fair festival

Compliance rules for a fair festival

We are pleased to make available online a new document that we have been working on over the past few months: The new compliance regulations contain measures for an international film festival that is organized in an ecologically sustainable manner and under fair conditions for employees, filmmakers and partner institutions.

As the only qualifying festival for the Oscars® and the European Film Awards in Austria, as well as a founding member of the Forum of Austrian Film Festivals and the Fair Festival Work Now initiative, we feel not only a certain responsibility towards the outside world, but also a voluntary commitment towards the inside—and we want to set a good example accordingly.

Fair conditions in festival work include, for example, a commitment to ecologically sustainable action, appropriate remuneration and social security within the team, but also to paying screening fees and artists' fees and to taking into account the representation of female directors in the film program.

”This all sounds so obvious”, say festival directors Bauer and Ebner in unison, ”but we know from our own experience that this is not a matter of course. That's why it was all the more important to establish these measures for ourselves and to initiate a change in perspective.”

We are convinced that the compliance paper can also serve as an example for other cultural event organizers and are making it available for download on our website as an inspiration.