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Only three months to go until the 20th edition of VIENNA SHORTS from June 1 to 6, 2023. After three years influenced in different ways by the pandemic, we are looking forward to an anniversary edition that will once again focus more on the shared festival experience.

Our cinema program will again be much more extensive than the online offering, the late-night segment will shine in new splendor, and with our festival center we are returning “home”—after all, we have been working in our office in the MuseumsQuartier since 2007.

Just a Moment, please!

On the occasion of our anniversary, we will devote ourselves to time in its shortest, most transient unit: the moment that is not to be missed, that cannot be repeated, that wants to be used; the shortening and condensation to the essence, as in the short cinematic form; the attention to the specific moment, whether in the past or in the here and now.

Under the motto Just a moment, please! we will reflect, look back cinematically and personally, strive forward—and of course celebrate 20 exciting years. Will you join us? Details will be announced in a few weeks …


In the run-up to our anniversary edition, we are taking you on a cinematic and nostalgic journey: We asked 20 companions, former staff members and influential people from 20 years of festival history to share a memory of a particular VIENNA SHORTS edition and a film associated with it.

You can stream the eclectic selection, titled 20 Years, 20 Films, for free on our film portal in your browser and in our festival app starting in early April. As a festival countdown, two films per week will be available, from the secret favorite of a former jury member to the now legendary short film whose success story began in Vienna. Stay tuned!

News 28.2.2023