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Young Programmers 2020: Trailer

Young Programmers 2020: Trailer

Within the framework of the project “Kinder programmieren” (“Young programmers”), film educators from sixpackfilm, Vienna Shorts and the Film Museum work together with a group of children, watch (non-narrative) short films in the Invisible Cinema and discuss them. As a goal of the project, the children curate their own short film program from what they have seen, which will be presented publicly at Vienna Shorts festival. The children arrange that morning themselves, write a program text for the catalog, moderate the event and conduct interviews with the filmmakers.

In the school year 2020 the project was carried out with the voluntary theatre class of the G11 Geringergasse. Due to corona measures it could not be completed. However, the children were able to create their own film in the lockdown, their trailer. This trailer is part of the project every year—this year it was the opportunity for all participants to find a common conclusion for the project after all.

More info about the trailer and the project you can find here

News 21.10.2020