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Whose Truth Is Your Truth Fiction & Documentary

  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 80 min
  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 80 min

Nuremberg cityscapes are losing their grip. Snowy mountainscapes seem to be dancing before our eyes. Genoa City, a fictitious place, lets family histories become unhinged while real radio news seeps into the fog of the Columbian jungle. A cinephile force emanates from the films in this program—they all take a resolute stance and raise questions: questions of the truth behind images, of the relationship between reality and fiction, of the perspectives on what is shown and the way it is represented, irritations included. (db)

In the presence of François Martin Saint Léon, Ryan McKenna


Depth of Field

DE 2017 14 min 30 sec Austrian premiere Director Alex Gerbaulet Mareike Bernien

A flower stand, a tailor’s shop, a food truck: three completely normal public places in Nuremberg. Places where a few years ago the so-called National Socialist Underground murdered people and detonated bombs. How can a camera record these sites—which became crime scenes—today? Levels of reality shift in Depth of Field; everything feels out of kilter: an attempt at approaching these places of memory. (db)

Screenplay Alex Gerbaulet, Mareike Bernien Production Alex Gerbaulet, Mareike Bernien Editing Alex Gerbaulet, Mareike Bernien Camera Jenny Lou Ziegel Cast Göksen Güntel Sound Alex Gerbaulet, Mareike Bernien



FR 2018 No dialogue/lyrics 23 min 15 sec Austrian premiere Director Julien Huger

The Alps in wintertime. Snow guns, ski lifts, skiers. In Julien Huger’s documentary Stations, full of intimate observations, people are on par with machines, both play equal roles in shaping the snowy mountains. The rhythm of the images, together with the film’s precisely synchronized soundtrack, pulls the viewers in. A ski ballet extraordinaire, dispersed again by a late-night mountain hike. (db)

Screenplay Julien Huger Production François Martin Saint Léon Editing Marie Bottois Camera Julien Huger Sound Pierre Blin


Retour à Genoa City

Back to Genoa City

FR 2017 29 min Austrian premiere Director Benoît Grimalt

Never missing an episode, the director’s grandma and her brother have been watching the soap opera The Young and the Restless together since 1989. The same ritual begins each afternoon: Curtains are pulled shut, the screen lights up, and it’s showtime. Benoît Grimalt created an immensely affectionate and artistically adventurous portrait in which his own family history humorously blends with the stories of a television family. (db)

Screenplay Benoit Grimalt Production Damien Froidevaux Editing Damien Froidevaux Camera Benoît Grimalt Sound Mathieu Farnarier Animation Stéphanie Cazaentre

Retour à Genoa City Best Film - Cannes Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, Audience Award - Premiers Plans – Angers Festival, Best Film - Premiers Plans – Angers Festival

Voces del Secuestro

Voices of Kidnapping

CA 2017 14 min Austrian premiere Director Ryan McKenna

“I have many, many things to say, but I will only tell you what’s most important.” Thus begins Voices of Kidnapping with the first news snippet from Columbian radio. Countless such messages were broadcast in hopes of somehow reaching family members who had been kidnapped by rebel groups. The program continued for more than twenty years; misty jungle images cement the sound footage in the film. A moving document. (db)

Screenplay Ryan McKenna Production Ryan McKenna, Rebecca Blackwood Editing Ryan McKenna Camera Ryan McKenna Sound Tyler Fitzmaurice

Voces del Secuestro