Internationaler Wettbewerb

Between Real And Imagined Worlds Animation Avantgarde

  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 72 min
  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 72 min

The films in this program operate at the intersection between dealing with the real world and creating virtual ones. Digital Trauma, for instance, examines the presence of pictures and videos from the Bosnian War in the digital mind of the internet. The hand-painted film Strange Case mixes private and found pictures to form a stream of consciousness. And despite its absurdly comical story, Ugly, a film generated with a computer-gaming software, also refers to the real world, even if it is becoming totally unhinged in the process. (tr)

In the presence of Samuel Patthey, Maria Molina, Boris Labbé, Zbigniew Czapla, Nikita Diakur

Travelogue Tel Aviv

CH 2017 No dialogue/lyrics 06 min Austrian premiere Director Samuel Patthey

Travelogue Tel Aviv gives viewers a brief insight into a city of opposites and contradictions, where various designs of life exist side by side. An outside observer allows himself to get immersed in the bustle and records his experiences as drawings. Complex, life-governing circumstances are thus relayed in simple pictures—where a gunshot and the sound of a cork popping are closer together than one might have thought possible. (wp)

Screenplay Samuel Patthey Production Gerd Gockell Editing Samuel Patthey, Hannes Oehen Sound Nina Winiger, Christof Steinmann Animation Samuel Patthey, Claudia Wirth, Valentine Moser, Hannes Oehen, Estelle Gattlen, Alice Mueller

Travelogue Tel Aviv Special Mention - Kurzfilmtage Winterthur

DIGITAL TRAUMA (And the Crystal Image)

NL 2017 08 min 21 sec Austrian premiere Director María Molina

In Digital Trauma María Molina embarks on a quest for pictures and videos that pop up when conducting an online search for terms related to the Bosnian War. She fragments and consolidates images of women, children, prisoners, politicians, etc. and supplements them with terrifying video statements. Central questions in this endeavor are whether the digital mind helps us to cope with conflicts or whether it sparks new tensions and how it changes our identity. (tr)

Screenplay María Molina Production María Molina Editing María Molina Camera María Molina Cast María Eugenia Alvarez Sound María Molina Animation María Molina

DIGITAL TRAUMA (And the Crystal Image)


AT 2017 11 min 04 sec Director Admir Selimovic

Goli Otok is a small island off the Croatian Adriatic coast where a prison was erected in 1949 that has often been referred to as “Tito’s concentration camp.” Today, tourist associations advertise the place as an insider tip for a fun “goosebumps-guaranteed” trip. The experimental video Moon by Admir Selimovic unfolds a multitude of haunting associations that go beyond the actual place, about which many stories remain untold to this day. (tr)

Screenplay Admir Selimovic Production Admir Selimovic Editing Admir Selimovic, Philipp Windsor-Topolsky Camera Admir Selimovic Cast Peter Belcher Sound Admir Selimovic, Jasmin Sultanic Animation Admir Selimovic


La Chute

The Fall

FR 2018 No dialogue/lyrics 14 min 09 sec Director Boris Labbé

Works of Hieronymus Bosch, like his Last Judgment triptych (1485–1505), may have served as inspiration for The Fall. Using a dazzling array of characters and interlaced motion sequences, Boris Labbé and his animation team trace a trajectory from a peaceful paradise replete with dancing figures to a hellish landscape of humanity’s destruction—all congenially accompanied
by the music of Daniele Ghisi. (tr)

Screenplay Boris Labbé Production Sacrebleu Productions Editing Boris Labbé Sound Régis Diebold Animation Boris Labbé, Armelle Mercat, Hugo Bravo, Capucine Latrasse

La Chute

O Jezu

Oh God

PL 2017 No dialogue/lyrics 03 min 48 sec Austrian premiere Director Betina Bożek

“Jesus frickin’ Christ!” may be a better translation for Betina Bozek’s film—which conveys a mood on the verge between despair and wit—than the literal “Oh Jesus!” Even the experimental score sounds ironically exaggerated at times: The instruments’ caterwauling flow causes the ground to open and literally swallow up the mostly isolated figures. Insinuated advances fail, excessive alcohol consumption at the bar notwithstanding. (tr)

Screenplay Betina Bozek Production Robert Sowa Editing Betina Bozek Sound Kaja Szwarnog Animation Betina Bozek

O Jezu

Elastic Recurrence

NL 2017 No dialogue/lyrics 02 min 02 sec Austrian premiere Director Johan Rijpma

Johan Rijpma creates a sculpture that can only exist by manipulating time and space. He is particularly interested in structure, movement, and coincidence. A plate shatters; the shards drift apart. They are held together by elastic bands that try to reassemble the parts into one piece. A game of two and three dimensions, of gravitation and its suspension, is generated. (wp)

Elastic Recurrence

Strange Case

PL 2017 13 min 30 sec Austrian premiere Director Zbigniew Czapla

The unmistakable visual style of Czapla’s films is also present in Strange Case. Incredibly beautiful images—painted image by image with ink, acrylic, and watercolor on paper—mix with an element of agitation: the image sequence is rapid and bleak. The pictures flashing before one’s eyes remain intangible. Like memories. The narrator and protagonist seems to be searching for meaning or identity in these memories and images from the past. (wp)

Screenplay Zbigniew Czapla Production Tomasz Wolf Editing Tomasz Wolf, Zbigniew Czapla Camera Zbigniew Czapla Sound Michal Fojcik Animation Zbigniew Czapla

Strange Case Audience Award - Ann Arbor Film Festival, Best Animated Film - Krakow Film Festival, Award in National Competition - Krakow Film Festival

Persistence of Vision III

NO 2017 No dialogue/lyrics 01 min 45 sec Austrian premiere Director Ismael Sanz-Pena

A single photograph of the famous Nidaros Cathedral’s western facade serves as the basis for Ismael Sanz-Pena’s impressive animation film. In a long tracking shot he sets in motion, and provides rhythm to, the facade’s rigid geometry with recurring arches, ornaments, and countless equal-sized sculptures. Figures dance to the beat of African drums in a kind of friendly culture clash. (tr)

Animation Ismael Sanz-Pena

Persistence of Vision III


DE 2017 No dialogue/lyrics 11 min 54 sec Director Nikita Diakur

Nikita Diakur, who is rightly hailed as a new talent in the international animation scene, celebrates the beauty of ugly things with great lightness and wit. He uses the aesthetics of defects and destruction, thus building on a strategy of avant-garde film that opposed the overly polished mainstream. His timely tool: a game interface, which he delightfully runs into the ground on several occasions. (tr)

Screenplay Nikita Diakur, Redbear Easterman Production Nikita Diakur Cast Redbear Easterman Sound Nicolas Martigne, David Kamp/studiokamp, Bernd Thurig Animation Nikita Diakur, Gerhard Funk, Phil Maron, Nicolas Trotignon, Bastian J. Schiffer

Ugly Best Newcomer - Fantoche, Grand Prize / Grand Prix – International - Ottawa International Animation Festival , Grand Prize / Grand Prix – International - Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, Special Mention - Animafest Zagreb – World Festival of Animated Film