PopPorn – Vienna's Most Exciting Porn Night (16+) Late Night Movies

  • , Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus 69 min Ticket

Female desire as an underwater expedition; male lust as an extraterrestrial odyssey. Once again, this year’s PopPorn whisks us away to intergalactic arousals and erotic dreamscapes. The bodies are naked, weightless, partly covered in mud. The touches are tender, many, and intense. Penises encounter each other in outer space, breasts morph into planets, and dance becomes sex—desire knows no bounds here! Let’s make the movie theater vibrate. (jf/av)

Curated by Julia Fabrick & Alexandra Valent (VIS Vienna Shorts)

The Astronaut (VIS Trailer 2019)

AT 2019 01 min Director Anna Vasof


CA 2019 04 min 06 sec Director Trevor Anderson


GB 2018 03 min Director Alekxander -

The Physical Impossibility of United Formations Colliding

US 2018 04 min Director Ivan Olita

Mud Dance

ES 2018 18 min Director Núria Nia

Boreals – Nage

ES 2014 03 min 30 sec Director Manfre Iturria Iker Iturria

The Riding Lesson

GB 2019 20 min 30 sec Director Ellen Pearson Kitty Drake

Their Names – Burning Star

FR 2017 03 min Director Romain Laurent


GB 2017 09 min 30 sec Director Vex Ashley

Fischerspooner – TopBrazil

US 2018 03 min Director Tom C J Brown