Night of the Light with Michael Ostrowski

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Hardly any format is more popular and at once more difficult than the short film under five minutes. The idea needs to convince, the dramatic composition to be thought through, the timing to be right. Together with Wien Energie we have dedicated ourselves to this format for five years – namely with the two-staged treatment- and short film competition Night of the Light. Dozens of submissions reached us again that this time dealt with the theme Power to the People. The five directors chosen by a jury subsequently received the possibility to produce their concepts for three-minute-films with a budget of 3.000 Euros each. For the third time the grand entertainer Michael Ostrowski will conduct the opening gala.

Presented by Wien Energie

Random Still

Mafi Kahraba

Lebanon cut off

AT 2015 03 min Director Nicola von Leffern

Iguana Imperialista

Imperial Iguana

AT 2015 03 min Director Georg Blume Anna Hawliczek