Kinder Programmieren – Young Programmers (10+) kijvis Film Education

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“Es ist so weit… A really dreamy color world”

I go to the movies . . .

. . . because I love going there, because it’s awesome there, so I can watch many old and new movies, because they’re playing many funny movies and other, silent films, because there’s popcorn and a big screen, because I get to watch movies there before they come on television, because the colors always change, because I can relax there and it’s quiet, because everything might be a dream, because it’s a world trip into a crazy world of colors . . . they play movies with Mickey Mouse, with birds, action and horror movies for the adrenaline rush and movies with awesome special effects! I liked some of the films at the Film Museum, others not so much. (Class 1A)

Random Still

Trailer – Kinder programmieren 2019

02 min Director

A Colour Box

GB 1935 03 min 42 sec Director Len Lye

Twelve Tales Told

AT 2014 03 min 51 sec Director Johann Lurf

When Time Moves Faster

GR CA AT 2016 06 min 32 sec Director Anna Vasof

Memory – Zoot Woman

AT 2009 04 min Director Mirjam Baker und Michael Kren_LÖSCHEN Zoot Woman Michael Kren Mirjam Baker


AT 2010 06 min Director Siegfried A. Fruhauf

4min15 au révélateur

4min15 in the Developer

CA 2015 04 min 44 sec Director Moïa Jobin-Paré

Persistence of Vision III

NO 2017 01 min 45 sec Director Ismael Sanz-Pena

Africa Before Dark

US 1928 08 min Director Walt Disney

Snail Trail

DE 2012 03 min Director Philipp ArtusALT Madalena Graça Philipp Artus Ute Dilger ALT5 Ute Dilger


US 2017 02 min 23 sec Director Dana Sink

For the Birds

US 2000 03 min Director Ralph Eggleston