3D – The Three-Dimensional Experiment Special – Kino & Raum

  • , Gartenbaukino 55 min Ticket

By now an indelible part of the blockbuster segment, stereoscopic 3-D films are also increasingly popping up in independent cinema—for instance with Johann Lurf, whose Cavalcade proved the perfect occasion for this slate and whose Hollywood hymn Twelve Tales Told also leads these “Avengers of Experimental Film.” Arm in arm with him in search of the artistic spatial image beyond pure showboating are Sebastian Buerkner, Rainer Kohlberger, Robert Seidel, and Virgil Widrich, who bookend Björk’s Wanderlust in the mighty Gartenbaukino. (de)

With Robert Seidel (_grau)

Random Still

Twelve Tales Told

AT 2014 03 min 51 sec Director Johann Lurf


AT GB 2018 10 min Director Sebastian Buerkner

more than everything

AT 2018 12 min Director Rainer Kohlberger

Wanderlust (Björk)

US 2008 08 min Director Encyclopedia Pictura


DE 2004 10 min Director Philipp Hirsch Heiko Tippelt Robert Seidel

back track

AT 2015 07 min Director Virgil Widrich


AT 2019 04 min 30 sec Director Johann Lurf