Who Crushed Mrs. Moon? Triangle – Motovun Film Festival

  • , Burg Kino Studio 79 min Ticket

“Carefully observe the moon / rotating in its slow pace, still / there is only one side facing us / and that is not the dark one!” The brilliant Makavejev’s mind had foreseen the world of today years ago. We need courage to walk through a regular day; working, eating, loving, living. The title of our program is a title of a song that was famous long time ago in the region that our films are from, reminding us, once again, that like the moon, our films are so steady, always facing us from the bright side! Who crushed Mrs. Moon? Many tried, no one succeeded! (ik/ak)

Curated by Inja Korać
 & Andrej Korovljev

Program Partner: Motovun Film Festival

The Astronaut (VIS Trailer 2019)

AT 2019 01 min Director Anna Vasof

Ljepotica 62

Miss Beauty 62

1962 14 min Director Dušan Makavejev

Zuti mjesec

Yellow Moon

HR 2010 17 min Director Zvonimir Juric

Oni samo dolaze i odlaze

They Just Come and Go

HR 2016 20 min Director Boris Poljak



SK RS 2018 10 min Director Nikola Majdak Ana Nedeljković

Teleport Zovko

Zovko Teleport

HR 2013 17 min Director Predrag Licina