Très chic – A Night Of Most Exquisite Humor (16+) Late Night Movies

  • , Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus 80 min Ticket

If you like Piña Coladas, and think frogs are all gay, if you’re so into fences, and you give half a “dayum,” if you make pottery at midnight, in the arms of a Swayz’, t’is the program you look for, come on in and escape. Come one, come all to the only film screening where it’s socially acceptable to get drunk with power, art, and vodka as you decide which exquisitely humorous film gets to take home Le Prix Très Chic pour le film le plus extraordinaire! (dm)

Curated by Diana Mereoiu (VIS Vienna Shorts)

With Meinhard Rauchensteiner (Autumn/Herbst), Caroline Wallén (Maneater), Sandra Isacsson (Maneater) and Mario Wienerroither (Musicless Movie Scene / GHOST - Pottery Scene)

The Astronaut (VIS Trailer 2019)

AT 2019 01 min Director Anna Vasof



DE 2018 03 min 30 sec Director Aljoscha Böhnert Michelle Burakowski

Hur det känns att vara bakis

How It Feels to Be Hungover

SE 2018 10 min Director Viktor Hertz

Dum Dee Bolala Dum

GB 2018 02 min Director Peter Millard

Shia LaBoeuf Live – Rob Cantor

US 2014 03 min 30 sec Director Scott Uhlfelder


GB 2017 02 min 19 sec Director Anna Mantzaris


SE 2019 07 min 24 sec Director Caroline Wallén Sandra Isacsson


DE 2019 00 min 51 sec Director Jan Elsner


DE FR 2014 03 min Director Neozoon Künstlergruppe

Musicless Movie Scene / GHOST - Pottery Scene

AT 2016 02 min 09 sec Director Mario Wienerroither

Gay Frogs (Alex Jones Remix)

US 2017 01 min 09 sec Director Placeboing Placeboing

Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre

FI 2018 15 min Director Ilja Rautsi

Fax-2 Shredder

SE 2018 01 min 32 sec Director Business Club Royale

Oh My Dayum

US 2012 02 min 20 sec Director The Gregory Brothers



AT 2015 03 min Director Meinhard Rauchensteiner

The Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting

AU 2013 05 min 50 sec Director Jungle Entertainment

myBorder joyFENCE

DE 2018 01 min 30 sec Director Michael Kranz

Surprise film!


Trump Bites

US 2018 04 min 37 sec Director Bill Plympton

The Procedure 2

CA 2019 03 min 02 sec Director Calvin Reeder