The Mechanics Of Motion (15+) kijvis Film Education

  • , Filmmuseum 180 min Admission free

In this workshop everyday objects and activities are used to gain surprising insight into the experience of the illusions of moving pictures: From cell-phone selfies and free handdrawings brought to life by animation to performative actions that use the whole body, the participating teenagers are invited, first and foremost, to get creative themselves, to question movements, and to undertake experiments with the moving image under the supervision of Anna Vasof. (ava/db)

The Masterclass Hyperframes by Anna Vasof is part of the Workshop The Mechanics Of Motion. The Masterclass starts at 15:30, tickets will be sold at the venue (Österreichisches Filmmuseum). The Workshop will be held at Museumsquartier after the Masterclass. A Masterclass ticket is required for all Workshop participants.