Nightmares – All in Your Head (16+) Late Night Movies

  • , Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus 69 min Ticket

In our darkest hours, our own fears might get the better of us—fears that in hindsight often turn out to be illusions. But how to keep our spirits up if our own perception and inner madness habitually strike us dumb? The beastly, the foreign, the terrors often reveal themselves as projections of our own fears and desires that we won’t fess up to. Society has devised a rich bouquet of punishments for us. So behave, or else . . . an uninvited guest might pay you a nightly visit! (cl)

Curated by Diana Mereoiu & Carla Losch (VIS Vienna Shorts)

With Helen Hideko (Ykcowrebbaj), Bernhard Zorzi (Ykcowrebbaj) and Steven Swirko (Ykcowrebbaj)

The Astronaut (VIS Trailer 2019)

AT 2019 01 min Director Anna Vasof

L'ora del Buio

The hour of darkness

IT 2017 12 min Director Domenico de Feudis


AT 2018 07 min 30 sec Director Helen Hideko

Tu me fais tourner la tête

You Make My Head Spin

FR 2018 02 min Director Maxime Hot


BR 2018 12 min Director Mariana Jaspe


The Mare

DK 2018 19 min 18 sec Director Casper Rudolf Emil Kjeldsen

Die Trud

The Sinful Women of Höllfall

AT 2018 15 min Director Severin Fiala Veronika Franz