Moïa Jobin-Paré & Sonic Luz, Jeck/Grill/Lemieux Live

  • , Celeste Club 70 min Ticket

Moïa Jobin-Paré & Sonic Luz
Moïa Jobin-Paré, a visual artist and musician from Montréal, works with a blend of film and photography in her films. She uses digital video images that are printed on paper and scratches these photographs as a stylistic means. In the live performance, this hybrid of digital and analog technique suddenly becomes visible: she shows those objects you don't see in No Objects (part of Animation Avantgarde) and creates the sound in collaboration with musicians and sound artists. At her side: Sonic Luz, the Viennese musician, sound artist and programmer Klaus Filip. (mjp/wp/de)

An audiovisual performance, exploring the line between analog and digital realms: Images and sounds are produced both analogically and digitally and are connected via several interfaces. Michaela Grill (AT) und Karl Lemieux (CA) have access to the visual material and manipulate it in their respective medium. The results coalesce on a shared screen into a whole unit. The acoustic signal is used to produce images as well, and musician Philip Jeck (UK) reacts to the visual material. The improvised live session creates an atmospherically dense amalgam of images and sounds. (mg)