DON WHO ? Special – Kino & Raum

  • , Gartenbaukino 95 min Ticket

An anthology film about the sudden disappearance of Don Juan. Left behind are the seduced, the crestfallen, the hopeful ones, the angry ones. Ten directors, ten teams from the Department of Stage and Film Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna go out searching for clues. Their point of departure is always a space, a studio building or location brought to life in its dialogue with the script and the direction. A joint effort, and a celebration of the diversity in the narrative faculties of film. (bk)   

By Bühnenklasse der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien


AT 2019 35 min Director Nicolas Pindeus Lorenz Tröbinger Valentin Werner Rosa Friedrich Guy Lichtenstein Sophie Lux Sarah Daisy Ellersdorfer Albert Car Raoul Bruck Dominik C. Brauweiler