Showcase – Contemporary VR Highlights Virtual Reality Check

  • , MAK – Museum für angewandte Kunst Vortragssaal 210 min Admission free

Presenting eight works, we in cooperation with sound:frame show current range of the VR medium in Austrian and international filmmaking. From interactive VR installations in which viewers can influence surreal worlds via their own gaze and filmic-theatrical storytelling on a three-dimensional stage all the way to an experimental structural examination of the rules of cinema, these eight works at the highest technological level create a sense of the possibilities this medium has to offer. (ef)

With Gero A. E. Egger (Remain at Home), Lisa Wurzinger (Remain at Home), Omar Khir (Remain at Home), Sascha Mann („Inside Lieutenant Gustl″ - Virtuelle Theatererfahrung in Fertigstellung) and Sigfried Friedrich (tx-reverse 360˚)

4:3 (360˚)

GB 2019 04 min 48 sec Director Ross Hogg

L’île des morts

The Isle of the Dead

FR 2018 08 min Director Benjamin Nuel

12 seconds of gunfire: The true story of a school shooting (360°)

US 2019 08 min Director Suzette Moyer Seth Blanchard

„Inside Lieutenant Gustl“ – Virtuelle Theatererfahrung in Fertigstellung

AT 2019 26 min Director Sebastian Brauneis

tx-reverse 360°

AT 2019 05 min Director Virgil Widrich Martin Reinhart


AT 2018 34 min Director Gerda Leopold

The Lacuna Shifts – Annex

AT 2017 08 min Director Depart (Leonhard Lass &Gregor Ladenhauf)

Remain at Home

AT 2017 04 min Director Gero A.E. Egger