Bjørn Melhus II Spotlight – In Person

  • , Filmmuseum 73 min Ticket

Now is an almost abstract collage of shots from the Day of German Unity. The nightmare of Freedom & Independence pans out against the backdrop of a megalomaniacal metropolis. Melhus’s method of letting alter egos enter a dialog with further figures from his mass-media sample inventory finds especially complex variations in Auto Center Drive and No Sunshine. In the former, he meets heroines and heroes from his childhood; in the latter, child stars who become shipwrecked on their journey to their own identity and adulthood. (bbu)

Curated by Brigitta Burger-Utzer (sixpackfilm)

With Bjørn Melhus

Random Still



DE 1993 05 min Director Bjørn Melhus

America Sells

DE 1990 07 min Director Bjørn Melhus

Freedom & Independence

DE 2014 15 min Director Bjørn Melhus

Sudden Destruction

DE 2012 04 min 20 sec Director Bjørn Melhus

Auto Center Drive

DE 2003 28 min Director Bjørn Melhus

No Sunshine

DE 1997 06 min Director Bjørn Melhus

The Oral Thing

DE 2001 08 min Director Bjørn Melhus