Bjørn Melhus I Spotlight – In Person

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In The Magic Glass, a blank television screen shows the reflection of a female version of the director, failing to make real contact. Subsequently, a faceless lecturer recounts the influences of the director’s videos. In Far Far Away, Melhus deconstructs the fairy tale The Wizard of Oz: His Dorothy stays stuck in a loop of projections. We also hear Judy Garland’s angelic voice in Afterlife, singing a hymn to Kennedy on the occasion of his assassination. Finally, we find soldiers returning to an inhospitable Germany; a tragicomic parallel version of Vietnam veterans. (bbu)

Das Zauberglas

The Magic Glass

DE 1991 06 min Director Bjørn Melhus

Out of the Blue

DE 1998 06 min 30 sec Director Bjørn Melhus

Weit weit weg

Far Far Away

DE 1995 39 min Director Bjørn Melhus


DE 2008 04 min Director Bjørn Melhus


DE 2010 07 min Director Bjørn Melhus

I'm not the enemy

DE 2011 13 min 30 sec Director Bjørn Melhus