Alex Gerbaulet Spotlight – In Person

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Four films as “manuals for a kind of activism compounding art and politics into one idea” (Katharina Sykora): Tattooed Prisoners and Depth of Field were created ten years apart from each other. They explore how right-wing slogans and actions have become inscribed in bodies and places in Germany. The multiple-award-winning Shift combines the search for traces of a more recent German history with the filmmaker’s autobiographical narration, before our eyes are directed toward interiors and domestic violence in The Sleeper. (de)

Random Still


Tattooed Prisoners

DE 2007 14 min Director Alex Gerbaulet


Depth of Field

DE 2017 14 min 30 sec Director Mareike Bernien Alex Gerbaulet



DE 2015 28 min 30 sec Director Alex Gerbaulet

Die Schläferin

The Sleeper

DE 2018 16 min 30 sec Director Tim Schramm Mirko Winkel Alex Gerbaulet