Against The Tide Triangle – OFF Odense

  • , Burg Kino Studio 84 min Ticket

Having the courage to follow your hopes, dreams and your heart even when it seems hopeless, absurd or just plain stupid is what this program is aiming for: daring to dance on the savanna when all the other animals are laughing at you, pursuing a dream in a place of no opportunities, closing generational and cultural gaps using mere love and respect, opening your home and your heart to strangers for mutual gain, being passionate about something that other people might find weird. May these films inspire us all to have the courage to pursue happiness in our own lives. (bw)

Curated by Birgitte Sabina Weinberger

With Juš Jeraj (Trahere)

Program Partner: OFF Odense

The Astronaut (VIS Trailer 2019)

AT 2019 01 min Director Anna Vasof

Vore Fædres Sønner

Our Fathers’ Sons

DK 2015 08 min Director Ulaa Salim

Le Grand Bain

Home Swim Home

FR 2016 17 min Director Valérie Leroy

Amerykánski Sen

American Dream

PL 2017 26 min Director Marek Skrzecz



DK 2017 11 min Director Amalie Næsby


SI 2017 10 min Director Juš Jeraj Atila Urbančič


The Mallet

1977 11 min Director Aleksandar Ilic