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“It takes a portion of craziness and a certain audacity to devote one's whole heart to one particular thing, even in the knowledge of adverse circumstances. Our thing is the short film in all its forms and facets, which we show and celebrate, which we love and want to discuss - in and outside the cinema, with a focus on talents and luminaries, for the industry and for the audience.


The short form stands for formal innovation and sets artistic impulses for the entire film landscape. And the festival, as a process-oriented structure in the midst of a complex environment, propagates those forms of art and culture that seldom find space in the regular cinema anyway. We have resolved to channel and intensify these shared interests more strongly in the coming years.

To a certain extent, the 16th edition of VIS also marks the beginning of a new era: with an expanded international network, close collaborations in the city and slightly changed focal points. If you like, we are working on an Austrian competence centre for the art form of short film. Together with our team, which has also been renewed, we radiate energy and confidence. The future is made of bravery. Courage!”

Doris Bauer & Daniel Ebner, Festival Directors 

May 29 – June 4, 2019

We are looking forward to
300 films under 30 minutes
in competitions, retrospectives, specials & late night events.
Focus: COURAGE!–Audacity and Absurdity for the Future

Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus
Austrian Film Museum
et al.