© Frizzle Frizz – KIDS N CATS (Patryk Senwick)

The national music video award goes to KIDS N CATS

The first prizes of VIS Vienna Shorts have been announced: The winners of the 6th Austrian Music Video Award, whose gala took place on Sunday evening at the METRO Kinokulturhaus in Vienna, are KIDS N CATS with "Frizzle Frizz" directed by Patryk Senwicki. The decision was made by the international jury on Sunday.

The music video jury, consisting of Eva Fischer (sound:frame), Florian Kindlinger (VENTIL) and Agnese Logina (Riga International Film Festival), described the KIDS N CATS video as "disturbing and provocative" and praised its combination of different techniques as well as "playing with expectations on several levels". Anita Brunnauer's video "Der Zeitgeist macht Buh" by the band Neuschnee also received a special mention. The Austrian Music Video Award is endowed by FAMA (Film & Music Austria) with 1,000 Euro.