© MYNTH | Kerstin Musl

© MYNTH | Kerstin Musl


Sixteen nominees for the Austrian Music Video Award and fifteen videos in the international competition explore the many varieties of audiovisual art. The Screensessions will again be complemented this year by an extraordinary live act.

I am in it – from the beginning until the end,” goes a line from the new album of the Salzburg-based duo MYNTH. The same is true for us, the audience. In its sound and design, Parallels is significantly more colorful than its predecessor—a fact that is also reflected in Rupert Höller’s pastel-colored video for the breathtaking song Smog. For the live show, arranged specifically for the intimate environment of the historical movie theater, the twins’ special electronic set will simultaneously be visualized on the big screen—and in the end, even Hans Zimmer might drop by...

Date 3.6. Time 20:30
With Giovanna & Mario Fartacek (MYNTH), Leo Scheichenost (HFA), Anna Fischbacher (Mottenlicht)
Location METRO Kinokulturhaus
In cooperation mit Film Archiv Austria

After-party at METRO Kinokulturhaus
Screensessions Afterglow 
Das Damische Duo 

Tickets can be purchased here: https://ntry.at/livemynthcinematicparallels?l=de