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VENTIL wins Austrian Music Video Award

The band VENTIL, founded by Peter Kutin and Florian Kindlinger, won the Austrian Music Video Award 2017 with "Bulletproof" on Saturday. Kutin and Kindlinger merge techno, industrial and avant-garde influences and use the audio and visual material from the destruction of an armored glass pane.

The best international music video was "Territory" by The Blaze - and therefore also a music video directed by the musicians themselves, Guillaume and Jonathan Alric.

The jury, consisting of the Polish festival director Krzysztof Sienkiewicz, pop culture journalist Amira Ben Saoud and last year's winner Florian Pochlatko, emphasized that "the video went beyond the genre's boundaries". The video encourages reflection and uses cinematographic language in an experimental form to draw the viewers deeper and deeper into a stream of emotions. The Austrian Musicvideo Prize is financed by FAMA (Film & Music Austria) with 1,000 euros. The International Music Video Award, awarded by the Museumsquartier / Q21 with a one-month residency in Vienna, on the other hand is a video which "recreates the hopelessness, joy and overwhelming complexity of the human condition in just five minutes."

For the film with the most absurd humor, the coveted Prix très chic pour le film le plus extraordinaire was already awarded on Friday. The animation artist Alexander Gratzer (AT) got to take home the first trophy of VIS 2017 for "Im Wohnzimmer" (In the living room). The audience made the decision by sending the applause-o-meter off the charts, congratulating the artist, cheering and singing. Gratzer opened the program with his minimalistic black and white animation and - outside competition - ended it with a surprise film. The prizes of the other competition sections will be awarded on Tuesday.