3. Cat Video Festival Vienna

The cats are back in town! On August 29th VIS presented for the 3rd time the CAT VIDEO FESTIVAL VIENNA at the Arena Sommerkino/Open air cinema.

In addition to the five-part film programme with new cat videos and numerous classics this time, thanks to our new partner Whiskas, we also offer a comprehensive supporting programme for the first time. Among other things we will have a catwalk for all the cat fans with the chance to win a year's supply of cat food. Admission free and starting at 18:00. 

The fact that cat videos have become a separate art form in the short film field is today nothing new: "A cat is a work of art on its own" as Henri, le chat noir, noted in one of his famous videos, which was presented by the Walker Art Center to the public in Minneapolis and which since 2013 amuses nearly 2,000 visitors in Vienna. This year cinefelines can look forward to the new highlights of the cat world.

Film programme in five CATegories

The evening with a prominent touch of the famous: In the HALL OF FAME we have gathered everything which has won at least one Golden Kitty Award, has a private manager or reached more than 40 million hits on YouTube. BEAT THE BEAT will be fast, loud and colorful. As the title suggests, the musical component but also balance, choreography and rhythm play a crucial role - as the Cat Lady Didga will demonstrate in her new video.
Cats have a lot of friends, although they would probably call them subjects or servants. Nevertheless CATS & FRIENDS is the appropriate title for the third category, because after all, it's about the fun of playing with bears, dogs, birds or even sheep. In the fourth part our fluffy quadrupeds turn into movie heroes are: ON THE SET thy will rise just as Marty McFly did in Back to the Future and land in the kitchen, where giant kittens are on the hunt. Perhaps a miscast by Steven Spielberg?
Back to the daily routine, our feline friends fight their natural enemies in CATS CATS CATS: toilet rolls, frisbees, flowers and bananas. Nevertheless, there is still time for cuddles, daring and failed leaps, as well as one or the other song or wiggle. All categories are complemented with well-known cat videos, and finally, the classics which are a must.

Postcard competition, a CATwalk and Merchandising

The postcard competition preceding the CAT VIDEO FESTIVAL VIENNA has new winners - and the postcards with the best cat photos will be shown at the Arena while the while a year's supply of Whiskas cat food will be awarded to the winner and his or her lucky cat.

Also, a year's supply of cat food from Whiskas awaits the visitor with the most creative cat outfit. Those wishing to participate in the catwalk at the Arena, please send an e-mail with your  name and the subject “catwalk” at cats@viennashorts.com us until August 25  - more information will follow then by mail. The audience’s decision will be presented live on the evening of the event.

Responding to several requests, we have for the first time merchandise with the popular themes of the CAT VIDEO FESTIVAL - the wonderful illustration of Nicolas Mahler on posters, the amazingly chic motif of Benjamin Hammerschick (diffuse.com) on cloth bags and notepads. Also coasters and stickers will be provided for the audience.

We advise visitors to arrive on time.

Cat Video Festival Vienna August 29,  2015 - Arena Wien Entrance starting at 18:00!

An event by

Vienna Shorts Agency

VIS Vienna Independent Shorts

In cooperation with

Walker Art Center Minneapolis

Arena Wien

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Cat Video Festival Vienna, Motif: Benjamin Hammerschick (diffuse.com)

Illustration: Nicolas Mahler (mahlermuseum.at)

Distribution: Peter J. Fuchs, DIRECT MARKETING