© "Oh Wow – Leyya" by Marie-Therese Hildenbrandt

Screensessions – Music Video Competition


Every year, an immense array of music videos find their way into websites like YouTube or Vimeo. In the competition programs we show a focused selection of those clips that are aware of the interplay between visual and musical level and exhibit a high degree of imagination or a great joy in experimentation. With the Screensessions we set the sophisticated framework for the often neglected perception of these audiovisual miniatures as cinematic art form. The times in which music videos have been seen primarily as a promotional tool for a song are long gone. Instead, we now look for technological innovations, a feeling of aesthetic immediacy and unconventional cinematic & musical approaches.

Christoph Etzlsdorfer
Verena Klöckl

The Selection for the National Music Video Competition 2018

16 music videos and music films were nominated for the Austrian Music Video Prize this year. We proudly present the official national selection for the Screensessions:

Every Part of You



The Return of ... – Left Boy Jürgen Hackl, Ferdinand Sarnitz, Austria 2017, 3 min
Black Roses – Mother's Cake Marie-Thérèse Zumtobel, Anselm Hartmann, Austria 2017, 4 min
Tulln – Voodoo Jürgens Florian Senekowitsch, Austria 2017, 4 min
Der Zeitgeist macht Buh – Neuschnee (Scary Zeitgeist – Neuschnee) Anita Brunnauer, Austria 2017, 3 min
Inverted Envelope – Prcls Gerhard  Senz, Austria/Japan 2018, 3 min
whatever – antiehdas feat. Coco Bechamel Karolina Preuschl, Andreas Harrer, Austria 2017, 4 min
Oh Wow – Leyya Marie-Therese Hildenbrandt, Austria 2017, 3 min
Juggernaut – Ant Antic Gabriel Hyden, Austria 2017, 4 min
Brawler – Gudrun von Laxenburg Alexander Dirninger, Daniel Helmer, Sebastian Mayr, Austria 2018, 4 min
Gimme – 5K HD Serafin Spitzer, Austria 2017, 4 min
838 – Thirsty Eyes Ioan Gavriel, Austria/Germany/Poland 2018, 6 min
Smog – Mynth Rupert Höller, Austria 2017, 3 min
Out of Control – Ogris Debris Gregor Ladenhauf, Austria 2017, 4 min
Frizzle Frizz – KIDS N CATS Patryk Senwicki, Austria 2017, 4 min
Trouble – The Weight Michael Tripolt, Gero Dennig, Peter Schönhardt, Austria 2017, 3 min
Ich nehm's dir – EINFACHSO Sebastian Somloi, Austria 2017, 2 min

Better Than Your Dreams

New York - St. Vincent Alex Da Corte, USA 2017, 3 min
Stranger's Kiss (Duet with Angel Olsen) - Alex Cameron Jemima Kirke, Australia/USA 2017, 5 min
Dinosaur - SBP4 Maria Em, Russia 2017, 5 min
Nostalgic Love - Bergfilm Joscha Bongard, Germany 2017, 7 min
Mermaids - Floyd Shakim HochR, France/Norway/Poland 2017, 4 min
In My View - Young Fathers Jack Whiteley, United Kingdom 2018, 3 min
Copyshop - Romano Jakob Grunert, Germany 2017, 11 min
Jenny GoGo - Xiu Xiu emp.bikutoru, Russia 2017, 4 min
If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead - James Blake Alexander Brown, United Kingdom 2018, 5 min
Blue Light - Kelela Helmi, France/USA 2017, 4 min
Roman - Mashrou' Leila Jessy Moussallem, Lebanon 2017, 4 min
Up All Night - Beck CANADA, Spain/USA 2017, 4 min
Supermotor - My name is Fuzzy Bastien Bron, Switzerland 2017, 3 min
To the Moon and Back - Fever Ray Martin Falck, Sweden 2017, 4 min
Pussy Money Weed - Tommy Cash Tommy Cash, Estland 2018, 4 min