"Sway" by Faiyaz Jafri



Animation Avantgarde has a clear mission: the idea is to put together competition programmes of works from the fields of experimental filmmaking, digital media, video and animation, concentrating on works away from the beaten tracks. Innovation for us doesn't mean to repeat the common clichés present in the different genres (ranging from avant-garde to commercial), but to make new experiences accessible. We focus therefore explicitly on a variety of contents, intentions and techniques, always with a close relationship to the Fine Arts. Not least for the sake of our audience we wish for intellectual stimulations, emotional ups and downs, enjoyable screening adventures, acoustic sensations and, last but not least, a lot of fun.

In collaboration with ASIFA Austria.

Thomas Renoldner & Wiktoria Pelzer

the selection for animation Avantgarde 2017

For the international competition Animation Avantgarde – with films from the animation, experimental film, and digital media fields – 31 works from 23 different countries were selected this year. We proudly present the official selection for Animation Avantgarde:

The medium

Friday, June 2
7 pm
75 min

Untitled Björn Kämmerer, Germany/Austria 2016, 4 min
Trilogy of Leaving Anna Vasof, Austria 2016, 4 min
Extrapolate Johan Rijpma, Japan/Netherlands 2016, 2 min
Kut (Corner) Lucija Mrzljak, Estonia 2016, 2 min
Casino Steven Woloshen, Canada 2016, 4 min
keep that dream burning Rainer Kohlberger, Germany/Austria 2017, 8 min
189DO Raven Kwok, USA 2016, 5 min
Any Road Boris Labbé, France 2016, 10 min
Play Boys Vincent Lynen, Belgium 2016, 7 min
Sway Faiyaz Jafri, Hong Kong S.A.R./China 2016, 8 min
Debiut (Debut) Katarzyna Kijek, Poland 2016, 8 min
Decorado Alberto Vazquez, France/Spain 2016, 12 min

the subject

Saturday, June 3
7 pm
74 min

Mind Frame Jake Fried, USA 2016, 1 min
WALL DUST Haiyang Wang, China 2016, 7 min
Dissociation Dirk de Bruyn, Australia 2016, 8 min
The Laughing Spider Keiichi Tanaami, Japan 2016, 7 min
La chambre vide (The Empty) Dahee Jeong, France/Republic of Korea 2016, 9 min
Dubioseninkasso (Dubious Encashment) Xenia Lesniewski, Germany 2017, 11 min
Tough Jennifer Zheng, Great Britain 2016, 5 min
NATSU NO GERO WA HUYU NO SAKANA (Summer's Puke is Winter's Delight) Sawako Kabuki,  Japan 2016, 3 min
Spank Shot Gina Kamentsky, USA 2016, 1 min
Figury niemozliwe i inne historie II (Impossible Figures and Other Stories II) Marta Pajek, Poland 2016, 15 min
9 ways to draw a person Sasha Svirsky, Russian Federation 2016, 6 min 

the world

Sunday, June 4
7 pm
78 min

Y. Adrian Regnier Chavez, Mexico 2016, 5 min
The Fifth Wall Florian Kindlinger/Peter Kutin, Austria 2016, 13 min
Orogenesis Boris Labbé, Spain 2016, 8 min
Die Herberge (The Hostel) Ulu Braun, Germany 2016, 15 min
Ego Nicolas Provost, Belgium 2016, 4 min
Nocna ptica (Nighthawk) Spela Cadez, Slovenia/Croatia 2016, 9 min
Everything David OReilly, Ireland/USA 2016, 11 min
Time rodent Ondrej Svadlena, France/Czech Republic 2016, 14 min