© "Neighbours" - Norman McLaren

Festival Opening

A nude clay figure and an elderly couple, two quarreling neighbors, and astronauts who have lost control: The opening programme, featuring award-winners, gems, and premieres like every year, alternates between analyses of the current situation and protest, yearning and dystopia, tender situational comedy and black humour. From a viral hit, two awe-inspiring documentaries, and a powerful experiment to references from movie history and Academy Award-winning classics, the films that kick off our event explore the concept of trust, the subject and focus of this year’s entire festival. (Daniel Ebner)

Curated by: Daniel Ebner (VIS Vienna Shorts)

Award from gabarage upcycling design

Awards Ceremony

The highlight for all nominees and the festival's glittering finale: the awards ceremony. The awards are collectively endowed with over 20.000 euros again this year and the trophy is a small but solid "V" cast in concrete by our partners gabarage upcycling design.

While the newly decorated award winners celebrate their success with a glass of Champagne, the award-winning films will be shown on the big screen once more. This year you have the choice of seeing the films chosen by the jury or those picked by the audience - or ideally go and see all three programmes.