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Cinema & Space

Two programs in this year’s Specials deal with the relation between Cinema & Space. DON WHO ? renders the space in front of the camera the starting point for an extraordinary anthology­ film. Conversely, the idea of a “spatial image” in the independent short genre has increasingly become the point of departure for great experiments with the third dimension. (Daniel Ebner)

© Moïa Jobin-Paré

Live Performances

Two audiovisual live performances operate outside the traditional cinematic space. Experience them on Saturday night: A collaboration between Canadian artist Moïa Jobin-Paré and Viennese musician Klaus Filip a.k.a Sonic Luz kicks off the event, and Michaela Grill, together with the Canadian Karl Lemieux and the Briton Philip Jeck, explores the boundaries between digital and analog. (Daniel Ebner)

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Late Night Movies

The slate formerly known as Midnight Movies has migrated into the Late Night program one hour earlier, still consisting of Nightmares to scare your pants off, Très chic, encouraging you to put on your best red leather pants, and ... well, what you do with your pants after watching PopPorn we’ll leave up to you. Also this year's international music video program will be screened as part of of the Late Night program: We're happy to present Dancing Screen.

We will show those programs every day from Wednesday through Saturday (and twice on Friday, thanks to the seventieth anniversary of The Third Man).

© Wildebeest (Nicolas Keppens)


One of the great film highlights of the past century is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year: The Third Man. On the occasion of the anniversary and in cooperation with Burg Kino, we are showing the film in combination with a touching supporting film. More recent highlights can be found at the beginning and end of the festival: as the first regular festival program, we present some candidates for the European Film Awards, and at the end we show our personal favorites! (Daniel Ebner)

Presented by Akademie des Österreichischen Films

© VIS, Jannis Gonis

Best of the Fest

Over six days, there is the chance to see a total of 106 films in four competition categories and to get an idea of the quality of international and national short film production. Anyone who is more into abbreviations and wants to get a quick overview at the end of the festival is in the right place here: the best films of the festival—once from the audience's point of view, once from the jury's point of view. (Daniel Ebner)

© Maacher Jhol (Abhishek Verma)

Golden Nights

For the third time, in cooperation with the Austrian Film Academy and the French Académie des Césars, we are showing the Matinée and Film Marathon program Les Nuits en or (The Golden Nights), which comprises 35 award-winning films. On two long afternoons and with free admission, the short film prize winners of the national film academies can be experienced at a glance. Have fun with Oscar, Bafta, César and Co! (Daniel Ebner)

Presented by Académie des César