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Fiction & Documentary shows powerful and fascinating films that explore the world in unusual and challenging ways. We want to invite our audience to take a first-rate cinephile journey around the world and to discover the present and future of cinema together.” (Doris Bauer, Marija Milovanovic)

This year’s FIDO features 27 films from 20 countries, and 18 of the selected works are by women. The jury — consisting of Croatian programmer and festival director Marina Kožul, Swiss producer Stella Händler and Vienna-based comedian Hosea Ratschiller — awards the Vienna Short Film Award and the Jury Prize. The Elfi Dassanowsky Award for the Best Female Director is awarded across competitions. All awarded films are eligible for the Academy Awards®, the European Film Awards & the BAFTA Award.


Sigrid Hadenius, Mathieu Janssen, Christof Kurzmann, Diana Mereoiu, Marija Milovanovic


Doris Bauer, Christof Kurzmann, Diana Mereoiu, Marija Milovanovic

Head of Selection

Doris Bauer, Marija Milovanovic