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Longing as a driving force. Like Kieślowski in Talking Heads, we want to delve deeper into the question: what would you like most from life? And what movement is set in motion with these wishes, desires, this longing? Where can longing take us — both as individuals and as a society? It is about the longing for belonging, attachment, autonomy, (political) security or change, about basic emotional needs between inspiration and ideal. 

Longing as a fragile, delicate feeling that we want to pursue. A longing for something that is missing. A partly melancholic, partly intense feeling, a longing for a different reality and the desire for more: more peace, more security, more order and beauty, more love, more paradise, more stability. This affects us as individuals as well as a society. What do we want from life?

The focus on longing comprises a total of ten programs, some shorter, some longer, from all possible perspectives. Two programs have been curated by two of our partner festivals from Romania and Kosovo: the BIEFF in Bucharest and the DokuFest in Prizren. These two programs are also part of this year’s triangular program and, together with a program from Vienna, will also be shown at the other two festivals after Vienna Shorts. (db)