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kijvis Film Education – Children and Youth Program

kijvis film education stands for international arthouse films, workshops, and festival feeling for a younger audience. Here we not only promote cultural development and a reflected exploration of the medium of film, but we also want to foster enthusiasm for an informed film culture.

This year, we support students and trainees of various ages in programming their own slate. In the project Young Programmers students from the De La Salle private school curate their own film program under the guidance of three experts (from the Austrian Film Museum, the distributor sixpackfilm, and VIS). During the festival, they present their short film program Es ist soweit … A really crazy color world and have conversations with the attending filmmakers about their work.

This year’s youth jury has an additional task this year. Young people from the organization Jugend am Werk will not only screen the films of the Austrian Competition and crown its winner but also present their favorites in the festival program Youth Jury’s Favorites. The children and young adults are thus actively involved in the evolution of the festival program as programmers.

Additionally there is the workshop The Mechanics Of Motion by our VIS Spotlight guest Anna Vasof. The programs are for children and young adults aged ten to eighteen (and up). (Kim Lange)

Program coordination Kim Lange (kl), Clara Schermer (cs)


In cooperation with Jugend am Werk and Bildung und außerschulische Jugendbetreuung (Magistratsabteilung 13)