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The current Covid-19 pandemic presents new challenges not only to festivals but also to filmmakers, producers, and distributors. Moviegoing as a collective experience as we know it has been suspended indefinitely. What does this mean for the future of film production, distribution, and presentation? Cancelations, postponements, alternatives — how does the film and festival scene react to these exceptional circumstances? And what does it mean to present films online?

The relationship between film/​festival exploitation and streaming platforms is an issue we’ve been meaning to tackle since earlier this year — from an aesthetic, commercial, ecological perspective. The pandemic has radically rephrased this question: suddenly, streaming has become a saving grace. Must festivals and movie theaters develop digital strategies to remain relevant in the future? Are the rules of primary and secondary exploitation in abeyance? How do filmmakers, producers, and distributors deal with this? Do we need new rules for a new age? 

The Vienna Shorts 2020 industry program addresses these questions in texts, panel discussions, workshops, and talks — all in virtual space. Additionally, we will also provide opportunities for networking and social encounters in the online world. Fancy a drink at the beach? (de/​mm)

The industry program of Vienna Shorts is supported by VdFS Collecting Society of Audiovisual Authors and Actors, FISA Film Industry Support Austria, VFC Vienna Film Commission and Creative Europe Desk Austria MEDIA.

Head of Selection

Marija Milovanovic

Program partner

Short Film Conference & Be Short Now