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Film Education

The festival’s program for kids and youths has gotten a considerable upgrade this year — which has long been a major ambition of ours. It gives us great pleasure, therefore, not only to continue the heart of our film education — the two cardiac chambers being Young Programmers and the Youth Jury—but also to offer additional family programming.

Basically, these are animated films especially curated for different age groups: for kids aged four or six and up and for kids aged twelve and up. The programs are shorter than our regular sections, and largely without dialog for the very young ones, and with easy-to-understand dialogs or subtitles for the older ones. 

One aim of the initiative was to expand our program for kids and teenagers with different projects to make them fall in love with cinema at an early age — and at the same time not to lose sight of our goal of actively strengthening their competencies in dealing with the medium of film. (de)