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Film Education

As part of the film education program, Vienna Shorts offers several projects for children and teenagers that aim to foster their competence in dealing with the medium of film.

We now encounter a boundless number of films — especially short films — on a variety of online platforms and in public places. To promote an understanding of the effects of these images and foster a reflected approach from an early age, the participants of our educational program are given the tools to better navigate the multifaceted and increasingly fragmented media landscape, to develop their own agency, and to become discerning consumers and skillful creators. At the same time, an event like a film festival also places the joy of moviegoing in the spotlight. 

One of the film education programs is the Youth Jury,” now in its seventh edition, whose members screen movies, discuss them, and finally crown a winner. A second project, in its sixth edition, is the curatorial project Young Programmers” — which we were forced to shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic and is now slated to continue in autumn. (cs/​kl)