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Opening Ceremony

We travel the world and the seven seas / ­everybody is looking for something. For our place in the world (or in the movie theater). For entropy. Or for inspiration, not least because we are willing to question or undo the roles that have been assigned to us. VIS 2019 kicks off with six films and an homage to Agnès Varda, casting a rhythmic, humorous, courageous glance at the world, traveling here and there into the past to better understand the present and make a brighter future. (de)

Curated by Daniel Ebner & Doris Bauer

Award from gabarage upcycling design

Award Ceremony

The highlight for all nominees and the festival's glittering finale: the awards ceremony. The Vienna Shorts Awards are collectively endowed with almost 20.000 euros this year, and could qualify the award winning films for the Academy Awards®, the European Film Awards and the Austrian Film Awards.

Afterwards, while the newly decorated award winners celebrate their success with a glass of Champagne, the award-winning films will be shown on the big screen once more. The audience favorites will be screened in the afternoon before the Award Ceremony. (de)