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Late Night

The later in the night, the greater the films, as the old adage goes. That’s particularly true for this year’s Late Night, as this is the first time since 2019 that we’re allowed to conspire in the movie theater late at night (and not just via our home cinemas). A semi-legitimate successor to the legendary Midnight Movies of the 1970s, this section giddily presents the kind of cinema that portrays the absurd as exciting, the grotesque as good, and the bizarre as better-than-the-rest. Here, we luxuriate in a wide variety of genre movies — be it the instantly iconic music videos of Into The Groove, the untamed movement of Dancing Screen, or the feverish psycho-killer fare of our Nightmares. Here we are, then, mainlining a truckload of adrenaline — definitely sans social distancing. (de)