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Late Night

The later the evening, the better the movies, as the old saying goes. So, there’s plenty to look forward to in this year’s Late Night — even if the program structure has changed due to the given circumstances: The international music videos are now shown under the title Streams Are My Reality and hosted in cooperation with Radio FM4 on their website. An explicitly intimate program for at-home consumption? To us that seemed a bit too on the nose” — instead we give you lubricant for the soul: musicals!

Along with Sunday night’s Dancing Screen we have old favorites waiting for you late on Friday and Saturday night: Nightmares gives social distancing a run for its money, as these films (by masters such as Jonathan Glazer, Peter Strickland, and others) crave physical contact and deliver a healthy dose of adrenaline directly to your homes. On Saturday, the Chic goes on — as très chic as possible, mind you, for our love of the absurd, the extravagant, and these deliciously small moments that elicit a collective What the fuck …” from our lips is just as hard to contain as one or the other virus. (de)