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Late Night

The later in the night, the greater the films, as the old adage goes. That’s particularly true for our four amazing Late Night screenings. A semi-legitimate successor to the legendary Midnight Movies of the 1970s, this section giddily presents the kind of cinema that portrays the absurd as exciting, the grotesque as good, and the bizarre as better-than-the-rest.

Under the new curatorial direction of Tom Kiesecoms and Eva Krenner as well as the proven MUVI curatorship of Christoph Etzlsdorfer and Theresa Pointner, we luxuriate in a wide variety of genre movies, love to break taboos and also like to test boundaries in terms of aesthetics — be it the steamy fantasies of Kinky Kino, the offbeat humor of Très chic, the haunting horror of our Nightmares, or the instantly iconic music videos of Into The Groove. Here we are, mainlining a truckload of adrenaline for the eyes! (de)