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Austrian Competition


For the Austrian Competition we are looking for films of any kind that are open to the world, but still self-contained. Important to us are informative, associative or reflective references to topics in culture, society or politics as well as an inner tension that arouses our curiosity and plays with our expectations. The films should touch and inspire us, they can criticize or provoke us, and they must challenge us to a detailed occupation. Content and form should be chosen consciously and appear coherent; attention will be paid, if relevant for the film, to dramaturgy, acting, visual design, sound, montage and the courage to take risks. In the end, the competition program should be representative of the quality and diversity of Austrian short filmmaking.

Neil Young 

Bojana Bregar
Clara Schermer

The Selection for the National Competition 2019

For the Austrian Competition - consisting of short films, documentaries, animations, experimental films and music films - 23 of the 400 works submitted this year were selected. We proudly present the official selection for the national competition:

The Hills Are Alive



Mountain View Markus Maicher, AT 2018, 02:40 min
Schwestern (Sisters) Florian Moses Bayer, AT 2019, 19:40 min
Eigentlich Vergangen (Far from past) Nicole Foelsterl, AT 2018, 14:58 min
Water and Clearing Siegfried A. Fruhauf, AT 2018, 05:18 min
Guy proposes to his girlfriend on a mountain Bernhard Wenger, AT 2018, 12:48 min
but then I realized Simon Spitzer, AT 2018, 05:02 min
The Outlander Ani Antonova, AT 2018, 05:59 min

No Place (Like Home)

Zufall & Notwendigkeit (Life Between the Exit Signs) Nicolas Pindeus, AT 2019, 17:33 min
Circus Movements Lukas Berger, AT 2018, 15:00 min
Mk. 10,25 Meinhard Rauchensteiner, AT 2018, 02:00 min
Die Schwingen des Geistes (Swings of the Spirit) Albert Meisl, AT 2019, 29:00 min
Armageddon Kurdwin Ayub, AT 2018, 04:27 min

Phantoms Of Liberty



Apfelmus Alexander Gratzer, AT 2019, 07:00 min
Das Buch Sabeth (The Book of Sabeth) Florian Kogler, AT 2018, 29:20 min
The Magical Dimension Gudrun Krebitz, DE/AT 2018, 07:08 min
Innermanzing Stefan Wanka, AT 2018, 05:39 min
Wolfgangs Freiheit (Wolfgang’s Freedom) Gregor Centner, AT 2019, 25:18 min

Magic Hour

Sabaudia Lotte Schreiber, AT 2018, 24:26 min
Nuit Grzegorz Kielawski, Alexander Bayer, AT 2018, 06:40 min
animistica Nikki Schuster, AT 2018, 07:00 min
Durrës or die Nina Kerschbaumer, AT 2019, 05:52 min
living image_deleted Anna Watzinger, AT 2018, 05:39 min
Hörmanns (Hoermanns) Siegmund Skalar, AT 2018, 20:00 min