The VIS Academy offers myriad opportunities for filmmakers, programmers, and experts to exchange ideas. Panel discussions and workshops, brunches and location tours, exhibitions, receptions, and parties: The VIS Academy includes all festival activities that go beyond the usual film presentations and that, year after year, have gathered the national and international scene around the subject of short films.

On Wednesday, the Academy will explore the subject of Virtual Reality with two high-caliber Film & Talk panels and a no less star-studded showcase at MAK.

Friday is Industry Day at the Film Museum, where you can learn all about short film marketing and exploitation, not least with prominent programmers at Meet The Festivals and highly renowned guests at the subsequent workshop and film talk. At night, the online platform Vimeo lures you back into Burg Kino with staff picks and live commentary. Finally, on Saturday, the Location Tour for filmmakers and festival guests is an open-door invitation to network and exchange ideas.

Speaking of open doors: The VIS Nights at the close of each festival day serve the purpose of meeting film and industry guests away from the official programming and give the opportunity to talk, drink, and dance in a laid-back atmosphere. (Daniel Ebner)

© tx-reverse (Virgil Widrich)

Virtual Reality Check


Big hype, big potential: While internationally, the industry has been busying itself with VR and 360-degree formats in artistic as well as in business-oriented output, in Austria the basic conditions are still wanting. With our Virtual Reality Check in cooperation with sound:frame and XR Vienna, and bolstered by Austrian and international experts, we dare to take stock and develop blueprints for budding (future) markets as part of a digitalization strategy in Austria. (Daniel Ebner/Sascha Mann)

© VIS, Hanna Pribitzer

Industry Day

It is not only the popularity of the short form that grows annually, but also the number of films produced: More than 15,000 works are created professionally around the world each year; the total number, of course, being much higher. To rise above the rest, it is crucial to know your way around exploitation matters. On this year’s Industry Day we delve into the question of how to sell and market short films—with an international pitch meeting, an expert workshop, and a talk with two outstanding filmmakers who share their experiences in Europe and the United States with us. (mm)

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A person talking during a film can be the most annoying thing imaginable—unless that person is the director. Join Vimeo curator Meghan Oretsky as she screens staff-picked films with live, unscripted commentary from some of the best creators on Vimeo. Founded in 2008, Vimeo Staff Picks has emerged as one of the preeminent channels for online video and one of the most coveted awards for young filmmakers, having helped launch the careers of many celebrated directors. Hear from the next generation of storytellers in a format that’s sure to be eclectic and insightful. (mo)

Mit Meghan Oretsky (Vimeo)

In Kooperation mit Vimeo

© Slug Life (Sophie Koko Gate)

Meet the aa artists


These “workshop talks” offer unique insight into current artistic practices of animation filmmakers and give attendants the opportunity to discuss pressing issues with other participants. Newcomer Sophie Koko Gate (UK) is already internationally successful with her shrill short film Slug Life, which fantasizes love life with a gigantic snail. Michael Frei (CH) will present his project Kids, which was realized as a short film, as a sophisticated computer game and in the form of an installation. (tr/de)

With Sophie Koko Gate (Slug Life, UK 2018), Michael Frei (Kids, CH 2019)
Hosted by Thomas Renoldner (VIS Vienna Shorts, ASIFA Austria)