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VIS new partner for European Film Award

European Film Academy appoints VIS Vienna Shorts as partner festival for the short film category—Winning film now also qualifies for the highest European film award

VIS Vienna Shorts is now officially a partner festival of the European Film Academy (EFA) and thus a qualifying festival for the short film category of the European Film Award. "For us, this is a great honour and further confirmation of the festival's international reputation," says the new festival management duo Doris Bauer and Daniel Ebner. "After the Austrian Film Academy and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the EFA is another high-calibre partner institution at the film award level".

Since 2012, the competition filmmakers at VIS can qualify for the Austrian Film Prize and since 2016 for the Oscars®. With the 2018/19 season, the festival has been accepted by the EFA into the exclusive circle of partner festivals for the European Short Film Award, which includes the Berlinale, Rotterdam, Locarno and Venice as well as the short film festivals from Clermont-Ferrand, Tampere and Vila do Conde. Among hundreds of film festivals throughout Europe, there are now 20 on the EFA partner list.

EFA also updates nomination procedure

With the inclusion of five new festivals (in addition to VIS also the festivals in Hamburg, Motovun, Nijmegen and Odense), the EFA has also updated the nomination procedure for the Short Film Award. While all 15 qualified films were nominated directly in the past, the longlist, which will consist of 20 films in the future, will now be reduced to five nominated films in an interim vote—similar to the procedure for the Oscars and the Austrian Film Award. The final decision will then be made by the more than 3,500 members of the EFA.

The current qualification cycle began in October with the festivals in Uppsala (Sweden) and Valladolid (Spain) and ends in September 2019 with the festivals in Drama (Greece) and Bristol (England). The change in the nomination procedure is not least intended to sharpen the focus in the short film category and promote the nominated films more effectively. VIS Vienna Shorts will take place for the 16th time in Vienna in June 2019. The 32nd European Film Awards will be celebrated in Berlin in December 2019.