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Young Curators, realized with kids and young adults of different age groups, is the heart of our film education alongside the Youth Jury. The goal of the project, which runs for several weeks in the spring, is to actively promote skills in dealing with the medium of film, but also to whet the appetite for cinema as early as possible.

Within the framework of the Young Curators, educators from sixpackfilm, VIENNA SHORTS and the Austrian Film Museum work together with a group of children, watch (non-narrative) short films together in the cinema and discuss them. As a goal of the project, the children curate their own short film program from what they have seen, which is then presented to the public as part of our festival. The children design this morning themselves, write a program text, moderate the event, create a trailer (from hand-painted film strips) and do Q&As with the filmmakers.

2023 sees the ninth iteration of this project—this time with the 6B class of Döblinger Gymnasium.

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