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With the Four Film Week, VIENNA SHORTS is responding to an audience request that has been expressed for many years: For the first time, the short film festival is making audience favorites and award-winning works from past years accessible again. Starting on December 21, 2021, International Short Film Day, four short films will be available to watch each week on the in-house film portal - free of charge. In a first step, the project will run for 15 weeks until the end of March and is only available in Austria.

After a simple registration, you're in and you'll be informed on Mondays what the week will bring. From Tuesday to Friday, one early competition film goes online, and on Saturday all four films are shown in the main evening. Then, at the latest, it's time: Put your feet up, log into the film portal - and order pizza. Each week is named after a pizza that tells viewers something about the current films.

The last week will be dedicated to Pizza Fantasia - and users can vote to determine which four short films will be shown at the grand finale.

The project is made possible by the support of the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Public Service and Sport.