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If now not now, when?

If now not now, when? For those who can't get enough of VIS Vienna shorts, VIS NOW offers the full, up to date package. Here, we don't only blog but also film, text, photograph and capture.

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The festival programme is online

With just 15 days to go until the festival, this year’s programme is now online: all the films, as well as a detailed prologue and a clear timetable.

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Screensessions live with VENTIL

Thirteen nominees for the Austrian Music Video Award and ten videos in the international competition explore the many varieties of audiovisual art. The Screensessions will again be complemented this year by an extraordinary live act.

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Dance Me, Drink Me, Trust Me

Short films, long nights. Those who spend the entire day in the cinema need to get their exercise at night – preferably on the dance floor. As always there will be plenty of opportunities this year to shake your bodies and bang your heads: from FM4 La Boum de Luxe to the Pornos Noches!