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Accreditation for the 16th edition of VIS Vienna Shorts (May 28 to June 2, 2019) is possible until May 14.

Accreditation includes free admission to all festival and industry events (subject to availability, with the exception of closed events such as openings or award ceremonies), a festival catalogue, a festival bag and discounts in the festival café.

Please send accreditation requests to accreditation(at)viennashorts.com

After filling in the form, we will check your accreditation application. Your accreditation is valid if it has been confirmed by the festival by email.

Terms of Accreditation – Who can be accredited?

Representatives of the film, television, and cinema industry, professional filmmakers as well as curators, programmers and representatives of film festivals have the opportunity to accredit themselves for VIS Vienna Shorts for a fee of € 20,– (to be paid in cash upon arrival). After the accreditation deadline, industry accreditations will be issued for a fee of € 30,–.
For further information please contact our guest office.

Accreditation is available upon request:
– persons who can demonstrate a professional interest in attending VIS Vienna Shorts
– a maximum of two people per organisation

Representatives of all media (print, online, radio, TV, agency, press photographers) who report on VIS Vienna Shorts can apply for free accreditation. After the accreditation deadline, press applications will be granted for a fee of € 20,– (to be paid in cash upon arrival).
Please contact our press department if you have any questions.
The accreditation of students of film studies, film academies, film colleges, etc. is possible for the first time this year for a fee of € 10,- (to be paid in cash upon arrival). This requires proof of your field of study.



Terms of Accreditation – Database and General Conditions

The accreditation is based on a valid e-mail address, which is used to create an account in the new festival database Filmchief. In order to activate the account, an individual password must be set up.
The accredited persons will appear on a delegate list with the data “Picture”, "First name", "Last name", "Professional field", "Organization", "Arrival date" and "Departure date", which is accessible online for all delegates. The email address will only be published after approval.
The association Independent Cinema, which organises the festival, collects and stores the data in the association's own database. Only members and representatives of Independent Cinema have access to these data, the data will not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances. The evaluation of the data takes place exclusively in the context of festival-related activities, e.g. call for submissions, etc.
The individual and personal data stored by Independent Cinema can be viewed or their deletion requested at any time. An informal written message is sufficient for this purpose.
The data is stored on servers of Host Europe GmbH, Welserstraße 14, 51149 Cologne, Germany and on servers of PHP-Friends GmbH, Ruhrorter Str. 55a, 46049 Oberhausen, Germany.
After accreditation, the festival can contact the festival by email for the transmission of festival-related information.