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Mission Statement

We regard life and cinema as inextricably linked: a result of time and experience, heart and attitude. This intrinsically political and aesthetic approach interprets life as a collective process and cinema as an empathetic and utopian mirror of society.

As a festival, we endeavor to take this outlook and mold it into a shape that allows for experiences, impressions, and emotions to ignite on—and go beyond—the big screen. We want to be inquisitive and unbiased in our view of the world, sharp and incorruptible in our selection, assertive and defiant in our stance.

With the short film we have chosen to place an artform at the center of our work that is inhabited by an ostensible transience because of its temporal limitations—a transience that nonetheless cuts deep and resonates long by means of abbreviation and contraction; spurring the imagination, inciting debate, and making new things discernible, old things tangible, and connections visible.

Organizing a festival takes passion, tenacity, and dedication. Continuous, consistent, constant. And it requires trust—from the executives, the audience, and the filmmakers. But first and foremost, trust in the inextricability of life and cinema. Let’s celebrate!

Doris Bauer & Daniel Ebner
Festival Directors