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A film festival is not only a place of presentation, reflection and exchange, but also bears responsibilitytowards its own team, towards the filmmakers and artists with whom it works, but of course also towards the cooperation partners, the sponsors and the audience.

In the summer and autumn of 2019, we have therefore set out to draw up guidelines and general conditions for an internationally oriented event like ours and, as a result, have imposed compliance rules on ourselveswith the aim of acting as transparently and fairly as possible both internally and externally as a festival.

The fair general conditions include, among other things, a commitment to ecologically sustainable action, to appropriate payment and social security within the team, but also to paying screening fees and fees for artists* and to taking into account the representation of women in the film program.

Many of these points may sound self-evident, but they definitely are not in the field of independent cultural workas we know from our own experience. That is why it was all the more important to establish these measures for ourselves and to initiate a change of perspectiveideally as a good example for many others as well.

Compliance Rules (PDF, 98 KB)