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Filmportal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to questions about the Four Film Week and how to watch films. If your question is not listed here, please contact us at We will do our best to answer as soon as possible!

(last update: December 20, 2021)


Where can I watch the films online?

  • All 60 films of the Four Film Week can be found on the Vienna Shorts Film Portal. Each of the 15 project weeks features 4 films.

Who can watch the films for free ?

  • For now, the Four Film Week is only available in Austria.

How long will the project run?

  • The film portal will be accessible from Tuesday, December 27, 6:00 am for a duration of 15 weeks.
    The film portal will be open until Saturday, April 2, at 11:59 pm.


Which films will be screened?

  • We show highlights from the competitions of past VIENNA-SHORTS festival years. We will show 15 films from each of the four competitions (Fiction & Documentary, Animation Avantgarde, Austrian Competition and Austrian Music Video Award).

When will the films be available?

  • We have divided the availability into weekdays and according to our competitions.
    ÖW-Tuesday 6:00-23:59: One film from the Austrian Competition is shown weekly.
    AA-Wednesday 6:00-23:59: One film from Animation Avantgarde is shown weekly.
    FIDO-Thursday 6:00-23:59: One film from Fiction & Documentary will be shown weekly.
    MUVI-Friday 6:00-23:59: One film from the Austrian Music Video Award is shown weekly.

    Every Saturday 18:00-23:59 once again all four films of the week are available simultaneously.

In which language version will the films be shown? Are the films subtitled?

  • All films on the platform are presented in the original version with English subtitles (if the spoken language is not English).

How can I rate the films?

  • You can give each film a rating after you've seen it.
    There is a star scale for this directly under the film description.
    We are yet to announce how we will honor the best film of the Four Film Week.


How do I participate in the Four Film Week for free?

  • Registration is free of charge and can be done at
    If you already have a VIENNA-SHORTS account, you can continue to use it. Please still use the path of registration and use the email address you are already registered with.

I am currently outside of Austria. Can I still watch the movies?

  • Unfortunately, the Four Film Week is currently only available from Austria for legal reasons.


Can I download the films to my computer?

  • No, the movies can only be streamed directly in the film portal.

I have problems loading the films. What can I do?

  • We use Vimeo to show films. If films don't load quickly or buffer in the middle of the stream, it may be due to the streaming quality or internet speed. To resolve the issue, please check your internet connection, try lowering the stream quality to 720p or find more information here.

Can I stream films on my TV?

  • Yes, this is possible with an online connection, for example via Chromecast or AirPlay. You'll need to stream each movie individually on your TV. If you're streaming via your phone, make sure your iPhone or Android phone is up to date with the latest software.

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