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Fair Pay

As much as we love our job––in the end, working at a film festival is still work. And a lot of it. We therefore strive to offer all employees a good working environment that complies with the law, even in an occupational field with a high level of stress and demands: with absolute equality of opportunity between female and male employees, support for the possibility of further training and educational leave, the best possible reintegration after maternity leave or absences due to illness, as well as social security and fair wages.

Like all cultural institutions in Austria, we are not only dependent on income, advertising and sponsorship, but also on public funding. This total sum ultimately makes up the budgetary framework within which we can operate and of which around 60 percent goes to staff. Due to the lack of minimum wages in Austria and the lack of collective agreements for our industry, we are guided by the salary scheme and the fee guidelines for cultural work of IG Kultur Österreich. At the same time, we reject fake freelance work and illegal employment and make a clear distinction between volunteer activities and paid work.
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