A Public Service Announcement Focus

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The term “ephemeral film” was first coined by film archivist Rick Prelinger to categorize films that didn’t fit into preexisting categorizations. These included police training videos, adverts, teaching aids, educational films and PSA’s. On the surface they seem to promote a strong and stable status quo as the USA steps courageously into a post-war future. Today, however, they offer a bizarre and disturbing portal into the prejudices, fears and desires of a not so distant past, veering wildly from insidious propaganda to the hilariously misguided. (tg)

Curated by Thomas Grimshaw (London Short Film Festival)

Welcome Animation (From Drive-In Movie Ads) [year unknown]

US 00 min 43 sec Director Unknown

Boys Beware

US 1961 10 min 12 sec Director Sid Davis

Duck and Cover

US 1952 09 min 15 sec Director Anthony Rizzo

Batgirl Public Service Announcement

US 1973 00 min 30 sec Director Unknown

Carnivorous Plants

US 1955 09 min 43 sec Director Unknown

Lucky Strike: Square Dance

US 1948 00 min 58 sec Director Unknown

Why Doesn’t Cathy Eat Breakfast?

US 1972 04 min 06 sec Director Unknown

The Terrible Truth

US 1951 10 min 03 sec Director Sid Davis

VD is For Everybody

US 1969 01 min 01 sec Director Unknown

Drive In (Goodnight Squarecat) [year unknown]

US 00 min 25 sec Director Unknown

Sudden Birth

US 1969 22 min 07 sec Director Alan Paul Rhone